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AdTuhansia komponentteja varastossa. Lähetys tilauspäivänä Digi-Keyltä!Välittömään Lähetys · Laajin BOM Kattavuus · Tekninen Tuki/7Types: Elektroniset anturit, Diodit, Kondensaattorit, Liittimet AdTuhansia komponentteja varastossa. Lähetys tilauspäivänä Digi-Keyltä!Tekninen Tuki/7 · Laajin BOM Kattavuus · Iso SertifioituTypes: Elektroniset anturit, Diodit, Kondensaattorit, Liittimet{/MIX}AC/DC Modular Power Supply 谨防未经TDK授权的TDK-Lambda改造品或仿制品

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SFL Series. Multi-functional Programmable DC Electronic Loads that offer power levels of W and 1kW (V and V) with Multiple Operating/Load Modes and Fast Response/Linear Turn-On for Test & Measurement, Automotive, Industrial, Renewable Energy and Applied R&D applications.Through-hole and surface-mount and 3W DC-DC converters operate at full load in to +85°C temperaturesto 3W DC-DC converters operate from aV input and provide very low noise output voltages of up to 2,V

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TDK-Lambda's lineup of programmable power supplies consists of the Genesys series suitable forinch racks mounted and the portable benchtop-type Z+/ZUP series for applications such as researching, and all are UL-listed products with RSC/RS in their standard form Product Spotlights. Ruggedized W DC-DC buck converters offer conduction cooling with wide range inputs and outputs.Our products include the ALE series constant current capacitor charging supplies that are specifically designed to repetitively charge capacitors in pulse discharge circuit such as modulators and pulse forming networks

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TDK-Lambda offers “standard power supplies” that meet the various needs of its customers for keeping up with the changing times, including miniaturization and efficiency enhancement, compliance with safety standards, support for wide input, compliance with EMI standards TDK-Lambda Americas manufactures a broad range of high voltage programmable capacitor charging and AC-DC power supplies.Please select a TDK-Lambda website from the map or enter a country in the form to be taken to the TDK-Lambda site that handles your territory Welcome to TDK corporate website. We contribute to develop the world culture and industry through high-level creativity. Welcome to TDK-Lambda EMEA We have direct sales coverage in all major EMEA locations and are supported by an extensive worldwide distributor network. This website contains information about company, CSR, IR, and Job Opportunities

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TDK is the world’s leading electronic components and devices company that has the high magnetics technology.TDK-Lambda Corporation was established in Tokyo, Japan, in Founded through a merger with TDK’s power supply business, we now are a leading company in the manufacture of power supplies for industrial equipment. Our motivation is complete customer satisfaction served by an extensive product line, unique support services and excellent product quality. About TDK-Lambda TDK-Lambda in Japan. Although there are several thousand power supply makers operating around the world, TDK-Lambda is the only

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It is the heart of our customers' systems and the core element of safety and reliability. At TDK-Lambda, a Power Supply is more than just an electronic device.

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